Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cat Rescue Saints

There is an amazing charitable organization headed by Linda Holton that provides superb care to homeless, injured, elderly or unadoptable feral cats. Check out the Helping Homeless Cats website to find a way to volunteer, contribute or support this fabulous group in some meaningful way.

I have known Linda for several years and am truly elevated by her consistent, tireless efforts to bring comfort and peace to cats that have been neglected or abandoned.

She is very kind to people who call her for help, as well. Sometimes she has to tell people the quality of care will suffer if she takes on any more cats but offers suggestions and support for anyone who needs help.

But, the truth is, Linda and her volunteers need support themselves. Vet bills and high quality cat food can run into thousands of dollars per month. Fostering a cat that needs medication can take some pressure off the countless hours caring for the deserving cats.

Just call Linda and ask how you can help. You'll feel great!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Justice For Bandit

Maybe someday we'll live 1,000 years. If we live that long maybe we'll figure out how to respect life - all life and how to nurture that respect in our children.

Click here if you want all the details about a how 24 year old Brent Connors, son of a retired police officer, murdered a four month old puppy. At least this story of animal abuse is getting press. There are good people out marching with signs demanding Justice For Bandit. They will keep it up, too. As well, there are petitions going around to make sure Connors gets the maximum jail time - possibly 45 days for the attack. Whopee!

Of course, there are questions in every direction of this terrible incident that come to mind. Why did Connors do it? What was he like as a person? Was he psychotic? Why? How was he raised?

My blanket explanation for that kind of traumatic event is that we don't live long enough. Twenty to twenty five years to become adult, another twenty to thirty whirlwind years raising a family, then the start of the declining years. I'm in the later part now. I call myself a matriarch because it's the sanest I've ever been. I think if we had 1,000 years to sort out life's problems, we'd end wars, poverty and struggles that we have barely any time to put to mind at present.

In the meantime, how about signing the petition? They have them at the SPCA on Napier Street, here in Victoria. There's also a facebook page asking people to write their MLA's to demand stronger laws governing animal rights.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Paddington and Chinook

Born: June, 2010

Paddington is a handsome black and white tuxedo with lovely white whiskers, sharp nose and huge topaz eyes. He shares Chinook's heritage and has been pampered and loved since his birth.

Paddy enthusiastically eats his healthy food, as well as any his brother leaves unattended.

His interests are wrestling, gymnastics, typing (mppppppp[kk) watching the world go by and having fun with brother Chinook.

Blessed with a sweet disposition and impeccable manners, this well-dressed young man loves to snuggle and show affection any chance he can get.

Born: June, 2010

Chinook was born at a very caring foster home. His mother Spike had a rough start living on the streets and was finally brought in from the wilds just before delivering her six healthy kittens. Chinook never met his father. He continues to live at the foster home with his brother Paddington. They are very close. His caregiver hopes the two boys are adopted together.

Chinook has beautiful tuxedo markings with lots of white and black mixed together. He is silky, and has beautiful green eyes. He loves to play in his room where all the breakables are safely stored away until he emerges from his kitten stage. He bounds from the top of the dressers onto the bed down to the floor up to the couch then has a little rest. Chinook is smaller than his brother Paddington, his appetite is not as large. He loves to wrestle with Paddy but uses his brains rather than brawn to escape their rough and tumble play.

Chinook has a gentle personality. He is very respectful of your space and tries to read your face before climbing up on your lap to give you lots of love.